The Kato Zakros region in Greece is unique from all points of view: it is one of the most intensely developed and visited tourist regions on the island of Crete, it is home to the historical ruins of the Minoan Palace, it has marvelous beaches, flora and fauna and it is also the perfect place to spend your holidays. We created the traditional hotel complexes Katerina and Athena for tourists who want to enjoy some of the beauties of Greece.

What Does Kato Zakros Have To Offer?

Rich in plants, flowers, trees and rocks of all kinds, Kato Zakros has plenty to offer to its tourists, including a beautiful seaport that it only a couple of hours away from Heraklion, one of the biggest regions and cultural centers in Crete. The Kato Zakros region is also home to the famous E4 European road which starts from the Pyrenees Mountains and stops right in Kato Zakros – in other words, this region is highly accessible by car as it goes right through continental Grece and Crete!

Part of the Municipality of Sitia, Kato Zakros is known for its outstanding agriculture and for its extensive olive oil plantations. The food industry is also highly developed in this area, as people who live here are involved in growing fruits and vegetables thanks to the high quality of the soil. It is safe to say that Crete and the Kato Zakros region in particular are very blessed from many points of view, especially since it has everything it takes for developing a sound and long-lasting industry around tourism.

There are plenty of activities that both the locals and the tourists can enjoy in Kato Zakros – sightseeing is by far the most popular activity here, given the beauty of the natural wonders that surround Crete and the architectural reminisces of the Minoan Era (such as the Minoan Palace). Moreover, you can also enjoy the picturesque bay of the Kato Zakros region, the fine sand and the small beaches, and if you are passionate about the culture of this place, you can always visit the nearby villages and see how people use to live in this part of the world. For them, and for many others, Kato Zakros truly is the Heaven on Earth!

Throughout the decades, Crete and Kato Zakros have attracted millions of tourists – the secret lies in the friendly people, the delicious traditional food, the warm weather, the friendly atmosphere and not least, the beautiful beaches and the Minoan Palace that bursts with history and legend.

Speaking of the Minoan Palace located in Kato Zakros, it was built back in 1600 BC and it covered a total area of no less than 8,000 square meters. The well-known Professor Platon himself has started the excavations in the area, and this is one of the few ancient ruins that are left standing today. It is said that the Minoan Palace in Crete has over 180 apartments, a patio and a beautiful and intriguing design under the form of a labyrinth, along with four different entrances (a main entrance and three adjacent entrances).

During the ancient times, the Minoan Palace served some of the most famous banquets in history, and it also served as a sacred ritual place. While the historical remains of the Minoan Palace are truly a marvelous discovery themselves, the numerous artifacts and pottery remains are the true treasury of this large ancient palace. In addition to that, the scholars who have worked here and excavated the place have also find numerous bronze ornaments and ivory and gold artifacts that depict different sacred sanctuaries and scenes from the everyday life of those who lived back then. All of these artifacts of incommensurable value are stored by the Museum of Heraklion

The Surroundings

Not only is Kato Zakros a wonder from a historical point of view, but it is also consider a natural gem from a geographical standpoint as well, as this is where you can find what is known as the “Gorge of the Dead”, which many people say to be the most interesting and appealing formation of its kind in the entire country. The gorge starts at Pano Zakros and ends right on the beaches of Kato Zakros, and the name of the gorge comes from the numerous Minoan graves that have been excavated in the area – they are still visible today and they are usually visited by tourists. The Gorge of the Dead is where beauty meets nature, and it can be visited both during the winter and during the summer.

When it comes to the natural beauties and wonders of the Kato Zakros region in Crete, the Pelekita Cavern Is certainly one of them, given the fact that it is one of the largest caverns of its kind in the entire country of Crete, as it spreads over a distance of 310 meters. Throughout the years, there have been performed numerous excavations in the area by scholars who have been trying to get a deeper understanding of the place, and numerous human remains have surfaced that are said to date back to the Neolithic age. The Pelekita Cavern is also the place from which most of the limestone was taken in order to build parts of the great Minoan Palace described above.

Another very popular and intensely visited Cavern in the Kato Zakros region is certainly Spiliara, which can be easily visited by foot by simply taking the old road that connected Kato Zakros to Zakros. However, the Spiliara Cavern can also be visited by car, although most of the tourists who come here choose to visit it by foot in order to enjoy the magnificent view, the scenery and the natural beauties.

Last, but not least, there are numerous rare species of plants (such as the white lilies) that are located only several kilometers away, along with the palm forests of Vai beach that are located in the North of the Kato Zakros region, only forty minutes away by car. Other numerous historical monuments can also be visited in the region such as the Toplou Monastery or the small churches located nearby.

Kato Zakros is a wonderful region to visit if you are looking for a beautiful, natural and serene location where you can relax. This is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated areas on the beautiful beach of Crete.