The Lassithi Prefecture is one of the most important areas of its kind in Crete, and it is divided into eight smaller municipalities, some of the most important being Sitia, Lasithi Plateau, Lefkis and Makri Gialos, in addition to the other four. The shores of the beautiful Lasithi Prefecture are washed by the Cretan sea, the Carpathian sea as well as the Libyan sea.

Regarding the temperature, the climate and the geographical position of the Lasithi Prefecture, it must be said that all the tourists who come here are mesmerized by the beautiful coasts, the welcoming lands as well as the soft Mediterranean climate. This is precisely why the Lasithi Prefecture is the most popular destination for all tourists who are looking for a stable seasonal temperature. With a pleasant, warm and friendly atmosphere, green plants, bushes and olive trees that are green throughout the entire year, this prefecture is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated areas in the entire island of Crete.

It is precisely the warm climate that has made the Lasithi Prefecture the ideal place for horticulture and for developing a strong agriculture in the area. The rich and highly fertile soil forms the perfect ground for growing fruits, vegetables, almonds, raising and grapes that are exported all around Europe and the whole world. Speaking of wine, the Sitia region of the Lasithi Prefecture is certainly the most popular one for its grapes and wine.

Lasithi has a lot more to offer than just fertile soil and beautiful natural wonders – the intellectual heritage is also very strong in this area, as it is a prefecture of great archaeological and historical importance. Also, there are several other regions such as the Lasithi Plateau or the Vai or Kato Zakros area that are unique in the entire Greece., Various settlements such as the Palace in Kato Zakros or the Vasilikis area have been thoroughly studied and admired from an archaeological standpoint, especially the Kato Zakros region that still bears the traces of the Ottoman conflicts that took place ages ago.

Overall, this prefecture is very beautiful and welcoming to all its visitors, especially the Agios Nikolaos area which is the natural capital of the Lasithi Prefecture. There are numerous other natural attractions and tourist interest spots surrounding the prefecture as well, such as Vai, Sitia, Neapoli or the Kato Zakros region that has been thoroughly described above.